Whether you’ve seen it once, twice or even if you’re a Big Red Sack virgin, don’t miss this year’s show.
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The Sack is Back. 

For the sixth straight year Santa is back at the Avenue once again skewering all the things we hold dear in the sketch comedy billed as "The holiday show you shouldn't take your kids to."

Santa's Big Red Sack has become an annual tradition for those desperately seeking some non-traditional holiday entertainment. It's clever, witty, raunchy and relentless, and definitely not for the easily offended. While the subjects may sound familiar -- Santa's reindeer, Christmas carols, bedtime stories, the Whos in Whoville, gift exchanges and good will -- the scenes are most definitely not predictable. And once again we're mixing in some brand new, over-the-top material with many of the hit sketches from past years.
The sketches skewer the middle classes with a smile and a hint of political spice, striking a tone of "The Carol Burnett Show: The Next Generation.
The Denver Post
If going to The Nutcracker sounds like torture, Santa’s Big Red Sack will provide the comedy relief necessary to keep that smile painted on your face all the way through the new year.
Every single sketch is a laugh out loud gut buster!
There are lots of gut-busting naughty and twisted send-ups of the often saccharine and formulaic offerings one is wont to get as the holidays draw nigh.
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